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Natural wood flooring is currently the type of wooden floor that consumers are choosing so much for its quality and aesthetics.

Natural wood flooring is currently the most popular flooring material and ordered. Moreover, natural wood flooring is highly durable and can withstand the harshness and change of weather. And to choose the natural wood flooring with aesthetics as well as high quality, it requires users to have a certain understanding of the types of wooden floors.

Advantages of natural wood flooring

Wooden floors bring the beauty from natural wood; moreover, it may design and manipulate many different designs and colors through the workmanship of highly experienced workers.

Wood flooring is durable over time whether in any environment such as hot dry weather or places with high humidity.

Because of being made of natural wood, natural wood flooring has very good functions such as absorbing toxic gases, contributing to protect the health of everyone in the family.

Besides, with the choice of natural wood flooring, it will have to spend a higher cost compared to industrial wood flooring. However, in the long run, natural wood flooring will bring many benefits in terms of durability, beauty and other useful functions.

Some types of natural wood flooring

Sanna Siamea flooring

The wood is from the Sanna Siamea tree, a tree of the Fabacea family that grows naturally in Southeast Asia and in Vietnam. It is usually green with near-smooth rinds, large panicles in the head. Despite of belonging to wood group 1, it is not a rare and precious wood. It is usually 15 to 20m high. Trunk diameter is about 30-45cm which is suitable for furniture, household, construction, wooden floor …

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Padouk wood flooring

This is one of the valuable wood of group 1 mainly exploited in the Central Highlands of Vietnam and Laos, the wood is durable and beautiful; moreover, it also has a very pleasant aroma. The wood has a pinkish brown color, the grain is still beautiful, the vein is very small and smooth, the wood almost does not expand during use, the color of the wood does not change over time, the wood is hard and firm.

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Pyinkado wood flooring

Pyinkado wood flooring is manufactured from Pyinkado wood. Like ironwood in northern, Xylia xylocarpa, the English name Merbau means a tall hardwood tree whose the trunk is trunk, the bark is gray with checks, the core is red, sapwood if light yellow and grain is fine. Pyinkado wood weighs about 1150kg / m3, when being submerged, Pyinkado wood is often sunk. Pyinkado wood flooring imported from Laos and Cambodia is bright and smooth, the finished floor is not colored.

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