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What is ironwood?

Ironwood has the scientific name of Erythrophleum, meaning green ironwood. Ironwood is one of four types of precious wood, which is of very high hardness, including Clove, Ironwood, Lauan meranti and Apitong. Ironwood ranks second in terms of hardness and weight in the four categories above, only after Clove.

Đặc điểm của gỗ lim

Characteristics and uses of ironwood

Ironwood has spiral grain which looks quite nice. With the naked eye, we can see that ironwood is usually brown to dark brown. The characteristic of black ironwood is that when it is soak wooded in mud for a long time, black color on the surface of the wood will show a clear color.

Ironwood has the characteristics of hard, strong, heavy, durable, not termite, often used in architecture (columns, trusses, rafters and structural parts in buildings erected in the traditional way) , constructing irrigation works, building boats, making flooring, sleepers, making decorative furniture.

In addition, ironwood also carries the concept of spirituality to be used as a church, communal house, pagoda or other projects of spiritual significance.

Đặc điểm của gỗ lim

How to buy ironwood:

Here are some criteria when you buy ironwood:

Ironwood head is not rotten.

Sapwood is about 2-3cm thin.

Hard substance, non-porous core, fine vein.

The stature is even and straight.

Heartwood is not too broadly checked.

And most importantly, it is a reasonable price for each type of ironwood.

Above is some information you can refer to learn more about ironwood. Contact us when you need to order ironwood for production and construction via the hotline 0915151275.


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