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What is ash wood?

Ash wood is grown in the southern coastal plains, ash wood has many types, such as white ash wood, green ash wood, pumpkin ash wood, … but the most popular in the market is still white ash wood.

In the field of wood import and export, white ash wood is the most popular import and export item in all types of wood because of beautiful grain and cheap price, easy cut, transport and in production.

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Features Of Ash Wood

We can identify with the naked eye as ash wood has straight yellow to white grain, the color of wood grain still depends on different growing areas, so the color of the wood is also different. With good machine resistance and high adhesion with screws, ash wood is very popular with factories to create interior products, floors, tables, chairs, kitchen cabinets, … and less deformed when drying.

However, the durability of ash wood is not as high as other rare and precious woods such as Ironwood, Lauan meranti, Apitong, etc. ash wood’s heart is easily attacked by wood-borer because the heartwood is not resistant to decay; therefore, we should not choose woods that are deeply decayed in the center.

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>> You can find the following articles to distinguish ash wood and oak wood more clearly, to avoid confusion between these two woods.

Where to buy ash wood good?

The above is some information and advantages and disadvantages of ash wood, with many advantages and few disadvantages of ash wood, this is the best selling product in the timber market, but due to the popularity and rampant sale of this item, you should choose for yourself the most reputable facility to buy wood to avoid financial losses. VietFarm is confident to bring real values about the wood industry at home and abroad to customers. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of wood import and export, you are completely assured when assigning responsibilities and accompanying VietFarm in the coming development stages.


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