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In the market today, ash wood and oak wood are the two most popular woods today and are used most in wooden construction products. for newcomers in the timber sector, There are many people who confuse ash wood with oak wood because they look quite similar. Here are some comparison between ash wood and oak wood:


COLOR Brighter and whiter Oak wood white is darker than ash wood
GRAIN The grain is large, semi-elliptical There are many small dark grains in the shape of raindrops
VEIN OF WOOD Vein of ash wood is big and even Vein of oak wood is smooth and striped
PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS Ash wood is poor resitance to decay so its heart is often attacked by wood-borer, but the adhesion with screws is very good. Oak wood has good resistance to daycay, poor adhesion with screws, and it must use galvanized nails and easily deforms according to the external environment


So sánh gỗ tần bì và gỗ sồi


Above are a few comparisons which are enough for us to be able to recognize the difference between ash wood and oak wood, besides some of the above features, we also need to have experience. If you are new to timber, you can choose to buy ash wood or oak wood precisely to suit your own needs. VietFarm Import Export Investment Joint Stock Company is a leading company in the field of ash wood import (ash wood) with 10 years of experience in the profession. We are completely confident to accompany you to own beautiful wooden blocks with the most reasonable prices in the market.

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