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Nowadays, society is more and more developing, the trend of house design becomes more and more modern. Keeping up with the development trend of the wooden market, the construction of wooden houses with traditional architecture attracts a lot of attention of woo users. Therefore, the traditional wooden house when being born always gives people a new vitality with the breath of the times but also does not lose the traditional folk values of the sire.

Traditional wooden houses are home to all traditions of the family, this is also a place to worship ancestors to show the respect of their descendants to their sire- the parent.

Thiết kế thi công nhà gỗ 2

Advantages of old wooden houses:

Wooden houses built in the right size of feng shui always bring extremely important meanings in the spiritual life of Vietnamese people. With the traditional design, the old wooden house has many advantages:

  • The durability of wooden houses is very high, up to a hundred years.
  • Colors and materials of building houses are environmentally friendly.
  • Heat insulation, electrical insulation and moisture prevention are goof, safety is high.
  • Wooden houses bear The beauty of Vietnamese countryside, bring a peaceful living space, a relaxing place to rest.

Chi tiết cấu kiện nhà gỗ

Construction cost of wooden house:

VietFarm Company provides the design plan consultancy without charges, and the cost of construction depends on many other factors such as:

  • Area of land for building houses: designing wooden house with 3 or 5 compartments, according to architectural style…
  • Quality of wood: there are many types of wood on The market suitable for building houses such as ironwood, jack-tree, doussie…. their price depends on The specific characteristics of each type of wood.
  • Furniture and other auxiliary works such as garden, tables and chairs, wooden beds,….

Cấu kiện nhà gỗ

Where is the prestigious and qualified facility foe design and construction of wooden houses?

With a large-scale construction workshop in traditional wood craft village in Chang Son, Thach That, Hanoi, and Vietfarm has being constructed 3 and 5-compartment wooden houses. Together with a team of highly skilled and experienced workers in the village, we always try to best complete the traditional spiritual constructions.

Công trình hoàn thiện

You can consult directly at https://nhagomienbac.com/ to learn more about the architecture and meaning of Vietnamese traditional wooden houses.


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