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Currently, when furnishing, many people pay attention not only to the use and style of the product, but also to the wood material, its origin and the durability of each type of wood. For connoisseurs of woodwork, grain design and its aesthetic value is always a top concern.

Ash wood furniture trend is increasingly focused and popular everywhere from the US, Europe and Asian countries to Vietnam. Ash wood furniture with unique beauty is favored by the long-term durability, while exuding elegance, modernity and nobility of homeowners. With natural beautiful grain and grains creating valuable beauty, it is an attraction for enthusiasts of ash wood today.

Nội thất gỗ tần bì

Other products have a shelf life by year, which means that they must be replaced because the longer the time, the lower the quality, while the longer the ash wood furniture is used, the more beautiful it reveals the inherent beauty.

In most interior designs, ash wood is the most preferred raw material because of its closeness, diversity, high applicability, reasonable price, limited warping, termite and high aesthetics and diverse surface design, environmental protection is also an important factor that makes ash wood more and more popular and widely used, especially for modern housing types such as condominiums and apartments, both indoor and outdoor furniture products.

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The ancients said “Goodness is better than beauty”, consumers are most concerned about the durability of the product. Therefore, ash wood is always the choice for most consumers because of not only affordable price but also durability over time and the luxurious that the product brings to the family space.


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